International Student Centre (UTM ISC) Collections Of Fines And Administration Charges For Student Pass/Visa Purposes

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This Circular should be read by all International Students currently enrolled at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

This Circular announces the immediate implementation in respect to collection of fines and administration charge for student pass/visa purposes with the following new arrangements:

  1. Administration Charges (applied to All applications)
    New charges: RM 30/person
  2. Fine 1 (for application submission 5-7 weeks before visa expiry date)
    New charges: RM 50/ person
  3. Fine 2 (for application submission 2-4 weeks before visa expiry date)
    New charges: RM 100/ person
    (refer to ***Additional Fine)
  4. Fine 3 (for application submission less than 2 weeks before visa expiry date)
    New charges: RM 150/ person
    (refer to ***Additional Fine)


Applied to Fine 2: Students are being charged sum of RM 100 for the special pass for payment to immigration. Fine 2 + Special Pass
= RM100+RM100
= RM200
Applied to Fine 3: Students are being charged sum of RM 1100 for the compound and a special pass for payment to  immigration Fine 3 + Compound + Special Pass
= RM150+RM1100

All International students are required to submit the visa application TWO months before visa expiry date to avoid any fines imposed. For enquiry, please contact International Student Centre office at 07-5537998/07-5537991.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.