"Problem-Solving" Workshop.... FREE!!!

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Do you need some SKILLS to use your brain appropriately?

Everyone has his own method to deal with "Problems":

  • Some like to sit them out.
  • Some postpone them repeatedly.
  • Some ignore them very subtly.
  • Others try to solve them partly.

But in general people tend to sight problems as negative, as inconvenient, and they try to avoid dealing with problems.

The goal of the 2 day workshop is to consider problems in a new way:

  • as potential
  • as possibility to make new experiences
  • to overcome old habits and attitudes

The workshop conveys practical skills to deal with problems in every day’s life. Participants come away with efficient skills to solve problems appropriately and with little effort as possible.
Outcome of workshop:

  • Participants will experience the value of acting in their own responsibility
  • See the possibility to become an actor instead of being a re-actor.

This basic workshop is the starter of Personal Development skills training and forms a prerequisite for future second-level workshops.

  • 2 day training at UTM-ICC Seminar room for maximum of 20 participants
  • Open to all UTM staff & students
  • Certificate of participation is provided
  • Admission is free
  • Please check the schedule for your preferred slot to reserve your place
  • 9 am – 5 pm

Available Dates:
17th/18th September 2013
23rd/24th September 2013
26th/27th September 2013
16th/17th October 2013
06th/07th November 2013
19th/20th November 2013

Personal Development makes you grow to overcome your own limits!

UTMTEC offers plenty of possibilities to acquire knowledge and education to become an expert in different fields. In order to
avoid becoming a one track-specialist, you need awareness and interpersonal skills.

In a permanently changing environment and the necessity to connect with international experts to be innovative and
efficient, UTM as a research-university offers workshops to improve your personal skills to enhance your awareness and to
develop own moral and values.

The field of Personal Development is multifarious.

Starting from

  • Self-Confidence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Loyalty
  • Openness and
  • Self-Responsibility

it leads to

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Self-Discipline
  • Conflict-Management.


Fred PohlFred Pohl studied psychology and criminology, law and public administration in Germany. He is an experienced trainer of human behaviour specialised in Personal Development, Communication Skills and Work- Efficiency.

He developed an own mapping system of human behaviour to enable participants to define their own position and to pursue own targets with efficiency and enthusiasm. His aim is to encourage his fellowmen to become happy, healthy and efficient at the same time.


Source: http://tec.utm.my/problems/