The Faculty

The Faculty of Management currently comprises of three departments, namely Department of Business AdministrationDepartment of Human Resource Development and Department of Accounting and Finance. The faculty was first established in 1991 as the Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development. In 2013, the faculty was renamed to the Faculty of Management to reflect its current structure and university aspiration.

We offer a wide range of academic programs from bachelor to Ph.D level. Five academic programs at bachelor's level are Bachelor of Management (Technology), Bachelor of Management (Marketing),Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development), Bachelor of Psychology with Human Resource Development and Bachelor of Accounting. Two academic programs at master's level are Master of Management (Technology) - Mixed-Mode / Master of Management (Technology) - Full Research and Master of Science (Human Resource Development) - Mixed-Mode / Master of Science (Human Resource Development) - Full Research and at Ph.D level, Ph.D in Management. Our academic programs are designed and delivered in line with our inspiration to become a leading management and social science academic institution.

Our Philosophy
Developing and enriching human potential in line with the will of the Creator


To become a world class school of management and social science towards achieving excellence in science and technology

To produce reliable, confident and outstanding graduates in the field of management and social science who are able to meet the challenges of a technology-driven era


  1. Preparing and enhancing charismatic and responsible graduatesquill
  2. Producing beneficial and high quality research and publication
  3. Offering effective and efficient consultancy services
  4. Providing conducive teaching and learning services
  5. Developing and utilizing potential of staff members
  6. Contributing towards community development

FM Governance

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