Master of Science (Human Resource Development) – Full Research

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 Entry before 2014/2015

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A. Introduction

This course is designed to provide advanced, research based studies in Human Resource Development (HRD). It aims to develop understanding of the state of knowledge in the areas of HRD discipline and to contribute to the expansion of new knowledge through research activities. Students will be engaged in a significant research investigation of a specific inquiry resulting in the production of a thesis with either a theoretical or an applied focus.

The program provides an opportunity for students to critically analyse issues and contribute or expand knowledge related to HRD field based on observation, literature review and data analysis.

At the end of the program, students must submit a thesis on a topic which has been agreed upon by the faculty and the length should be between 150 to 200 pages. A thesis evaluation and an oral examination will be conducted by examiners for the purpose of validating the conferment.

B. Requirements

  1. Attendance
    Research student must ensure that he or she could be contacted by his or her supervisor when necessary. A full time candidate is eligible for an annual leave of 30 days with approval from the supervisor and endorsement from the faculty. The candidate is also required to be at UTM at least once a week. Part time candidates, on the other hand, are recommended to focus on their studies in not less than 20 hours per week.
  2. Progress Report
    Progress on the research must be reported to School of Graduate Studies at the end of every semester using the UTM (PS) -03/9 form and it must be verified by the student’s supervisor. Failing to submit the progress report, the student will be given “unsatisfactory” status.

C. Mode and Duration of Studies

There are two modes of studies i.e. full time and part time and the duration of these modes are as follows:

  1. Full time:  3 semester (Minimum) to 6 semester (Maximum)
  2. Part time: 4 semester (Minimum) to 8 semester (Maximum)

D. Entry Requirement

The entry requirements of the programme are as follows:

  1. Bachelor degree with honours from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or from any institutions of higher learning recognized by the University's Senate.
  2. International students whose English is not their native language will need to achieve one of the following English qualifications:
  3. A minimum overall band score of 6.0 in IELTS test.
  4. A minimum score of 550 in the TOEFL


  1. The above English qualifications are only valid if they are taken within two years before application to the programme is made.
  2. Students who do not meet the above English requirement are required to attend and pass the English Preparatory Course conducted by the university.
  3. For further information on admission requirement for international student, please click here:


E. Areas of Expertise


To find out more about areas of expertise available at our faculty, please follow the links below: 
Department of Management
Department of Human Resource Development