Human Resource Development (HRD) is one of the core area in the 10th Malaysian plan. The transformation of the country to become a high-income nation requires human capital development activities which add value and enhance knowledge. Thus, the shifting of focus from physical infrastructure to human capital development is vital. As this new era is placing new knowledge as a key resource in stimulating competitiveness in the global economy, many countries are moving towards Human Resource Development (HRD) and the augmentation of the human capital which results in creating a workforce which is efficient, proactive and innovative.

The Malaysian government is focused towards becoming a developed country. In light of this, ICHRD 2015 wish to be the platform for an intellectual discussions and sharing of knowledge, among academicians and the practitioners of HRD. Therefore, to achieve the conference's aim, the conference would like to invite all academicians, local and overseas, and HRD practitioners all over the world to participate and join the conference.

The Conference theme is,

" Human Resource Development for Sustainable Development : HRD for sustainable Growth"

Hence, on behalf of the Organizing Committee , we are glad to invite you to join us in our second edition of ICHRD 2015 which will be held from 5 to 7 of April, 2015.

We look forward in seeing you in Malaysia!



The purpose of this conference is as follows::

  1. To provide a platform for researchers, academics, professionals, administrators, practitioners of human resource management and development of regional in sharing the experience, information, research findings in the development of human resources.
  2. To discuss the trends, directions and challenges in human resource development.
  3. To discuss and evaluate the philosophy, information, policy, principles, roles, and contributions to the development of human resources at various levels.
  4. To promote smart partnerships from a variety of disciplines in the development of human resources in accordance with the principles and goals of national development.


Department of Human Resource Development
Faculty of Management
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 Skudai

UTM Panorama