Jurnal Kemanusiaan, ISSN 1675-1930

A Revisit of Quality of Campus Life

Written by Nur Rifhan A. Rahim, Ahmad Jusoh, Mohammed Fauzi Othman.

This study is intended to revisit the total quality of campus life in institution of higher education in Malaysia. It is a review paper that focusing on the total quality of campus life. This study intends to compliment previous studies by looking at the overall quality of campus life. Previous studies more focused on the quality of campus life in terms of the formal curriculum and informal curriculum. However, this study improves previous studies by adding new variables of quality of campus life which includes support service quality and well-being. Hence, it will highlight all aspects of campus life in higher education of institution. The total quality of campus life can be categorized into four (formal curriculum; informal curriculum; support service quality and well-being) Consequently, a conceptual model will be proposed as a result of this study.

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