Jurnal Kemanusiaan, ISSN 1675-1930

Cash Waqf and Infaq: A Proposed E-Philanthropy in Malaysia

Written by Mohd Faisal Mohamed Yusof, Mohd Faiz Mohamed Yusof, Mazlin Hani Hasarudin, Nurhanani Romli.

Malaysia is the country that consists of high population of muslim community. This shown by statistics in year 2010, 61.3% of Malaysia population is Muslim. The stability of economy allowed people to contribute towards the Muslims charity such as waqf and infaq. The paper is about the implementation of the online waqf technology that will benefits the waqf institution. There are three major mechanisms in doing charity in Islam that are zakat, waqf (endowment) and infaq (donation or also known as sadaqa). Online donation shows that e-philanthropy entails the participation of everyone, not only the wealthy by investing not only money, but also time and skills with the activity happens directly with the people in need. The improved Internet banking facilities along with greater numbers of young generations who are IT literate and greater access to online facilities serve as a mechanism that can promote online waqf. Lastly online waqf improves the collection of waqf electronically; motivate existing Internet banking users to make charity and trustee able to generate more funds in Islamic way. These papers also include the information related with the issues and challenges and online cash waqf and infaq.

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