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Dear Students,

Please be informed that the registration online as below;

12 February 2016 - 26 February 2016.

Those who do not register yet, please do it as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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Semester 2, 2015/16


Dear Students,

Kindly be informed that presentation for proposal defense for this semester (2015/16-2) will be held tentatively on the following weeks ie.:

1.    Week 8 (3 – 7 April 2016)

2.    Week 16 (29 Mei 2016 – 2 Jun 2016)

Those students who are involved, please act accordingly by submitting your report to the office 2 weeks before the related week ie.

a.     20 March 2016 (Sunday) – for week 8 presentation

b.    15 May 2016 (Sunday) – for week 16 presentation


***However, for final semester students who have not defended your proposal, you must submit your proposal report earlier ie. On 28 February 2016 to enable you to carry out the field work/investigation and present your final report at the end of the semester.

(Student : please check your status)



Presentation for final write-up can be conducted anytime during the semester whenever you are ready.

From: Postgraduate Office, Faculty of Management

Date : 21 February 2016

Tumb Print Recording Session (19/1/16)

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Greetings all postgraduate students (who have not yet recorded their thumb print)

Please be informed that another session of thumb print recording will be conducted as follows:

Date: 19 January 2016 (Tuesday)

Venue: Viva Room 1, T08

Time: 9.00 am to 11.00 am

Please bring your matric card for verification purpose. We have already activated the thumb print system for access to the faculty's building after the working hours. Thank you.

Deadline for thesis submission in sem 1 2015/2016

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Deadline for thesis submission in sem 1 2015/2016:

Dear research students/supervisor,

The deadline for thesis submission is on 28 JAN 2016. Why is the date important to you?

1) If you are in the final semester and you can submit your thesis BEFORE 28 Jan 2016, you can go for viva and no need to pay the tuition fees for next semester

2) If you are in the final semester and you submit your thesis AFTER 28 jan 2016, there will be NO viva for you. Basically mean you will not be graduated

3) If you are NOT in the final year student, and you can submit your thesis  BEFORE 28 Jan 2016, you can get fees waiver in the next semester while waiting for viva.

Thank you.