Topic Submission for Master by Mix Mode (sem 2, session 2014/2015)

Written by Dr. Shah Rollah Abdul Wahab on . . Hits: 1619

Dear Master by Mix Mode Students,

Please be informed that students who will be in the 2nd semester and above in the next semester are advised to register for the Dissertation (Proposal) in the coming semester (Semester 2, 2014/2015). Those who plan to register for the Dissertation (Proposal) must submit their topics to the faculty using form PSA 1 ( latest by 28 December, 2014 (430pm). Failure to do so will result in student not having any supervisor for next semester.

Students who would like to propose a supervisor should obtain the proposed supervisor’s signature and official stamp. PLEASE BE REMINDED, HOWEVER, THAT ANY TOPIC OR SUPERVISOR PROPOSED (IF ANY) ARE SUBJECT TO THE FACULTY’S APPROVAL. Please note that proposal presentations will be conducted during week 8 (mid-semester break) and week 16 (study week) and not at any time through out the whole semester or year.

TOPIC SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 28th December 2014 (430pm)