3 Minutes Thesis Competition

Written by Dr. Shah Rollah Abdul Wahab on .

Greetings all postgraduate students,

The Three Minute Thesis Competition aims at assessing the students’ capacity to communicate ideas effectively. It is intended to enhance the development of academic and research communication skills. The competition is open to :
1) all active PhD students in JB and KL
2) those have submitted Notice of Thesis Submission and endorsed by JAPSU. However PhD students who have been endorsed as Graduate by the sub senate committee meeting are not eligible
Here are the important dates for 3 Minutes Competition at Faculty level, UTM level and National level

Faculty level :          1-27 February 2015

UTM level     :           26 March 2015

National level :        12 May 2015

Any further information will be informed later, thank you


**Note to supervisor: You are requested to encourage your students who have completed their final writing to enter this competition.