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Knowledge Sharing Colloquium (KSC)

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To all postgraduate students (Masters & Ph.D) and academic staff,

All academic staff are invited and all postgraduate students are required to participate in KSC session. The objectives of the colloquium are to cultivate research culture in the faculty and to provide support to research students in completing their research work. Two academic staff have been appointed to give advice and feedback to students for each session. Students who have been assigned for the presentation are required to attend (see the attechment below) and present. The formats of the session are as follows:

1. Presentation : 5 minutes

2. Q & A : 7 minutes

3. Scope of presentation : Free - Any topic/issue related to the presenter's research work that he/she wants to share.

4. Approach : In-formal - no assessment.

5. Submission to topic : 1 week before the date of presentation (So that it can be announced on the faculty web site) Please click here to submit the topic.

6. Place : D06 - 408 : D06 - 419

7. Date : Every alternate Wenesday. See the Attachment details.

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