Research Method

Changes on the following Research Methodology Classes (UHR0010)

Written by Azlina Gombak @ Atan on .

Dear Master and PhD students,

Due to unavoidable circumstances, there are changes on the following Research Methodology classes (UHR0010).

Please take note on the following date changes:

Old Date Class New Date

05/12/12 Data collection,procedures and analysis 12/12/12 of qualitative data

12/12/12 Data collection, procedures and analysis 26/12/12 of quantitative data

19/12/12 Library session 19/12/12 (No changes)

26/12/12 Research Management 02/01/13

On behalf of the teaching teams, I am truly sorry for causing inconveniences as the faculty members are currently anticipating many changes and work commitment that need to be anticipated from the top management. Will continue to update the classes from time to time.

Best regards; Dr Norhalimah