Academic Standing

  1. Taught Course - determined by CGPA.
  2. Mixed Mode - determined by CGPA and research grade.
  3. Research - determined by research grade.

The academic standing for each semester including short semester for Taught Course programs is determined by GPA as listed in the Table below:

Academic StandingTaught CourseResearch GradeCondition to Proceed with the StudyAward of the Degree
Good Pass (KB) CGPA ≥ 3.00 Satisfactory (MM) Qualified Qualified
Conditional Pass (KS) 2.67 ≤ CGPA < 3.00 Unsatisfactory (TM) Qualified Not Qualified
Fail (KG) CGPA < 2.67 Fail (GG) Study Terminated Not Qualified

Apart from grades in the table, the following subject grades apply for certain courses:

  1. HL/HG: Attendance Pass/ Attendance Fail for subjects with the status of Compulsory Attendance (HW).
  2. TD: Withdraw from a registered course
  3. MM/TM/GG: Satisfactory (MM) / Unsatisfactory (TM) / Fail (GG) grade for a research course.

Non Completion (TS) Grade:

  1. Based on reasons acceptable to the University, TS status is awarded as the final assessment for an incomplete course.
  2. A student who has obtained TS status for any course is required to sit for a Special Assessment within a prescribed period of time.