Dr. Adaviah Mas'od


Dr. Adaviah Mas'od
Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Administration
Social marketing, Green Marketing, Consumer Behaviour
Master of Business Administration (Marketing) (UM), Bachelor Degree in Management (Marketing) (UTM), Diploma in Management (Technology) (UTM)
T08 03-20-04


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Adaviah Mas’od and Thoo Ai Chin (2014). Green Purchase Behaviour and the Green Consumer Profile (Socio-demographic, Psychographic and Religiosity) – Green Hotels Customers in Malaysia. Social and Behavioral Sciences (ScienceDirect & Scopus indexes).

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Delma Poniman, Thoo Ai Chin, Adaviah Mas'od (2011). A Proposed Model for Measuring Effects on Service Quality-Customer-Satisfaction-Purchase Intention Link in Quick Service Restaurants. International Management Conference, 16-17 Apr 2011, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu, Malaysia.