Dr Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor


Dr Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor
Department of Business Administration
E-commerce Law, E-consumer Law, Commercial Law
Sarjana Muda Undang-Undang (UIAM), Sarjana Undang-Undang (UIAM), PhD in Law (UIAM)
07 5610105



Dr. Norsa'adah Abdul Rahman, Hakimah Mohd Zain, Lekha Laxman, Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor : The Principles of  Commercial Law, Penerbit UTM Press (2011) ISBN 978-983-52-0782-2.

Journal Articles:

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  1. Hapriza bte Ashari, Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor, Legal Strategies For The Management Of Occupational Safety And Health () Sponsored by Research Management Centre, UTM (RM 19,000)


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Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor, Assoc Prof Dr Naemah Amin, The Issue of Delivery: E-consumer Protection in Malaysia, MACFEA ke-18, Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya, 27-28 Ogos 2014.




            Bronze Medal for poster title ‘Online Shopping in Malaysia: Legal Protection For E-consumers’– International Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition 2014 (IRIIE 2014) at CAC, IIUM, 11-13 June 2014


  • Basic Principles of Malaysian Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Law of Occupational Safety & Health
  • Commercial Law
  • Law of Contract, Tort & Agency