Bachelor of Accounting

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The curriculum provides a broad exposure to the main scope of accounting comprehensively. It integrates disciplines of accounting, business, management and entrepreneurship to help develop management and entrepreneurship skills needed in organizations. The curriculum discusses valuable methods, tools, techniques and develops accounting and management skills while emphasizing creative problem solving, effective communication, lifelong learning, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Programme Objectives:

  1. To produce competent and versatile accounting graduates who are able to be leaders in organizations.
  2. To produce accounting graduates who are ethical, outstanding and have high confidence to uphold the accounting profession.
  3. To provide a platform for graduates to develop career and education in the accounting profession.
  4. To produce accounting graduates with effective interpersonal skills.

Career prospects:
Graduates of the programme can work as accountants, auditors, finance officers, tax officers, tax consultant, entrepreneurs, business/entrepreneur consultant, insurance advisors/consultants, company secretaries, bank officers, risk managers, chief executive officers, etc.
The faculty is in the process of obtaining the recognition from Malaysian Institute of Accountants as well as accreditation from various accounting professional bodies.

The Curriculum is divided into 10 consecutive semesters as follows:
Year 1 Semester 1:
ULT1012 Islamic and Asian Civilisation
SHC1013 Principles of Micro Economics
SHC1033 Business Mathematics
SHC1813 Finance, Financial Markets and Financial Management
SHC1913 Information System and Technology
SHC1103 Introduction to Financial Accounting

Year 1 Semester 2:
UHB1412 English for Academic Communication
SHC1213 Management Accounting I
SHC1113 Financial Accounting and
SHC1023 Macro Economics
SHC2043 Statistical Methods
SHC2723 Commercial Law

Year 2 Semester 1:
UHS3102 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
UKRXXX1 Co-curriculum
SHC2123 Financial Accounting and Reporting II
SHC2223 Management Accounting II
SHC2823 Corporate Finance
SHC2513 Accounting Information System I
SHC2083 International Business and Globalisation

Year 2 Semester 2:
UHB2422 Advanced English for Academic Communication
SHC2233 Management Accounting III
SHC2133 Financial Accounting and Reporting III
SHC2923 Business Communication
SHC2313 Auditing I
SHC2783 Company Law

Short Semester
SHC2413 Taxation I
SHC2073 Organisational Behaviour

Year 3 Semester 1:
UHP1152 Ethnic Relations
UKRXXX1 Co-curriculum
SHC3153 Financial Accounting and Reporting IV
SHC3523 Accounting Information System II
SHC3423 Taxation II
SHC3323 Auditing II
Elective I

Year 3 Semester 2:
UHB3042 Writing for Specific Purposes
SHC3513 Public Sector Accounting
SHC3053 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making
SHC3083 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Elective II
Elective III

Year 4 Semester 1:
UHS2092 Professional Ethics
SHC4163 Accounting Theory and Practice
SHC4954 Bachelor Degree Project
SHC4093 Management Strategies
SHC4943 Integrated Case Studies
Elective IV

Year 4 Semester 2:
SHC4938 Industrial Training



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