Develop Good Thinking: A Whole Curriculum Approach

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6th-7th April 2014
CTL Workshop, UTMLead

This workshop provides a complete and practical approach to integrating, teaching & assessing good thinking (e.g., critical, creative & metacognitive) in any curriculum area. It has been developed from over 7 years of applied research in promoting thinking throughout the curriculum in a wide variety of educational sectors and cultural contexts. Participants will learn how to write learning outcomes which incorporate specific types of thinking, conduct lessons that develop skill in types of thinking, and design performance-based assessment items to assess thinking. The specific learning outcomes include:

  • Identify the role of thinking in learning
  • Identify specific types of thinking
  • Model good thinking
  • Write learning outcomes to incorporate types of thinking
  • Evaluate instructional strategies to promote types of thinking
  • Design learning tasks to promote types of thinking
  • Evaluate a range of assessment methods as tools for assessing types of thinking
  • Design assessment rubrics to assess types of thinking

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