Adaviah Mas'od


Adaviah Mas'od
Department of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (Marketing) (UM), Bachelor Degree in Management (Marketing) (UTM), Diploma in Management (Technology) (UTM)
T08 04-05-02


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Adaviah Mas’od and Thoo Ai Chin (2014). Green Purchase Behaviour and the Green Consumer Profile (Socio-demographic, Psychographic and Religiosity) – Green Hotels Customers in Malaysia. Social and Behavioral Sciences (ScienceDirect & Scopus indexes).

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Delma Poniman, Thoo Ai Chin, Adaviah Mas'od (2011). A Proposed Model for Measuring Effects on Service Quality-Customer-Satisfaction-Purchase Intention Link in Quick Service Restaurants. International Management Conference, 16-17 Apr 2011, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu, Malaysia.